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New Napa books / Spring 2012

Two new books were launched on Friday 13th April at Napa Gallery!

Joost Stokhof: Sixty Seconds of Fame

On Saturday 19 March 2011 polar bear Knut died in his enclosure’s pool at the Berlin zoo. For this book Stokhof drew every second of the last minute before the fall. All drawings were made within one minute. Joost Stokhof is an illustrator based in Utrecht, Netherlands. This flipbook won the 2nd prize in the Napa Flipbook Competition 2011

Jenni Rope: Stills
This book contains still images and unused clips from Rope’s stop-motion animation “Tiikerimuuri”, 2011. The book also features a flipbook on the left-hand side pages. Jenni Rope is an artist & publisher of Napa Books, based in Helsinki.

And… Just a day before these, a great book by our friends at the Napa Illustrations Agency came out!

Keltainen kaupunki / Yellow City (Illustrated stories from Helsinki) is a book combining Helsinki stories with top Finnish illustrations. For the book project, 17 illustrators invited their favourite Finnish author for collaboration.

All the books are available at the Napa Gallery & Shop in Helsinki and our webshop!

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Tea Party At Napa!

Napa Gallery welcomes everybody over for a Tea Party on Friday, Feb 3, at 12–6PM! We’ll be celebrating the closing party of January’s artist Yasushi Koyama (JPN) as well as the Helsinki World Design Capital 2012 events by Napa. Over a cup of tea you will get to meet  Yasushi and Napa’s girls chatting and answering questions about up-and-coming projects!

Here’s a little taster of the WDC-year projects we’re doing:

Fontwalk/ Spring 2012

The starting point of the walk is the map available from Napa Gallery from 25th April 2012. The reader of the map does not know the finishing point and will be surprised during the route not only by fonts in the city, but interesting details often left unnoticed in our urban environment.

Yellow City/ All year

A series of exhibitions called ‘Yellow City – illustrated stories from Helsinki’ is based on a book with the same title combining illustrations and literature, to be published in early 2012. For the book project, 17 illustrators from Napa Illustrations Agency invited a Finnish author whose text they wanted to illustrate. ‘Yellow City’ is organised by Napa Illustrations Agency.

Bookies / April 2012

Bookies is a seminar on artist and designer-led publishing as a vehicle for artistic expression and mode of distribution of contemporary art today. By exhibitions, talks and discussions by key figures in the field, Bookies will give the audience a comprehensive idea of the current shifts in independent art publishing and its design that are shaping the ways we experience contemporary art. Napa Gallery will present exhibitions by Nieves (CH) and Scrollster (UK/CAN).

You can find more information on our WDC2012 projects here! See you next Friday!

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Call For Applications: Exhibitions in Napa Gallery / Autumn 2012

Napa Gallery presents art exhibitions ranging from illustration and photography to painting and graffiti. Napa is especially interested in exhibition applications that use the gallery’s unique space in a new way. Also we encourage ideas for additional workshops or happenings related to your exhibition.

Napa Gallery & Shop first opened it’s doors  in 2007. In 2011 we founded a non-profit gallery society to support the gallery. The exhibitions will be chosen by the Napa Gallery Society’s board: Tuovi Eskola, Marjo Granlund, Elsa Hessle, Saija Koponen, Anna- Kaisa Koski, Verna Kuutti, Katri Paakkanen, Ulla-Maija Pitkänen, Jenni Rope, Hanna Valle and Anna Virtanen.

Deadline for sending applications for July–December 2012 is February 29th, 2012. Applications must include pictures of the proposed work as well as an exhibition plan specifically made for Napa Gallery’s space. Please submit your application in a pdf-format via e-mail to: We do not accept paper applications. All applicants will be notified of the selection results via e-mail in one month’s time.

Exhibition Rent for 4 weeks is (incl. VAT 23%) 570 €. More information, including the  floor plan can be found here.

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Flipbook Competition 2011 winners!

The fourth Flipbook Competition results are here!

This year we received 42 flipbooks from 11 countries. The quality of the entries was very high so the jury decided to give three honorary prizes to those entries that came very close to the top three finalists.

And the winners are:

1. Terhi Ekebom: Sweet Home (Finland) / Prize: Publishing contract with Napa Books (December 2011)

The winning flipbook charmed the jury with it’s simple and imaginative storyline and a skilled, smooth movement. Sweet home is both traditional and fresh with a positive touch.

2. Joost Stokhof: 60 seconds of fame (Netherlands) / Publishing contract with Napa Books (Spring 2012)

The runner up impressed us with it’s beautiful and simplistic line drawings and a new approach to the flipbook as a medium. 60 seconds of fame is well-composed and conceptually fascinating. 

3. Tia Kim: Untitled (Australia) / Book prize

The second runner up was appreciated by the jury for it’s refined drawing and beautiful details. It’s storyline is simple but effective.

Honorary prizes:

4. Reiko Asai: Woolly-go-round (Japan) / Book prize

5. Amina Bouajila: Suis-je un saumon d’ē levage (France) / Book prize

6. Janna Añonuevo Langholz: Arrivals (United States) / Book prize

The jury members this year were: Marjo Granlund (agent for Napa Illustrations), Verna Kuutti (publicist for Helsinki Comics Center), Katri Paakkanen (exhibition coordinator at Napa Gallery), Ulla-Maija Pitkänen (artist), Jenni Rope (artist, publisher of Napa Books) and Hanna Valle (graphic designer).

All of the flipbooks that took part in the competition are exhibited at Napa Gallery until 21 December. The winning flipbook is available for purchase at Napa Gallery and Napa Books webshop in the beginning of December.

Congratulations to all winners and a big thank you to everyone who took part! 

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Fine things by Mina Fina!

Mina Fina (Mina Zabnikar) is a Slovenian artist who among other things makes beautifully illustrated booklets. Pen as her main tool of choice she draws delicate portraits adding sometimes text to accompany the sorrowful, poetic tone of the drawings. We received three of her booklets to Napa!

Modern Solitude (2011) is and exhibition booklet of her exhibition It’s Okay For Now / For This Time which folds out to a poster.


This Is The End (2010) is a publication accompanying an exhibition of hers as well. It is published by Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Edition of 300, the covers of this one also fold out to a poster!


Enoletnica/YearBook (2009) is an experimental comic book / multimedia project made in collaboration with Saša Kerkoš. With 12 months of stories surrounding everyday themes the website works as a background layer to the book, with writings and links to the sources of inspiration. Published by Stripburger.

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Amazing Art Bingo prizes!

Saturday’s Art Bingo event is getting closer and it is time to announce the prizes! Timo Vaittinen donated two silkscreen print posters, turquoise and green. Both edition of 10, measures 64x90cm!

Tuovi Eskola‘s donation for the bingo is a series of six small mixed media works, measuring 10x10cm!

Nene Tsuboi donated a framed drawing (23x32cm) called “Levanen”!

Art Bingo prizes also include a work from the series “One Hundred Attempts To Draw David Lynch” by Noora Isoeskeli, currently exhibited at Napa Gallery, and Timo Vaittinen’s brand new art book, Finntrip 1988, published by Napa Books!

Once more, Napa Gallery warmly welcomes you to join us for a bingo night! See you on Saturday!

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New spring things at Napa Shop!


Onni Woodpecker wedge clogs in black and wood color with black or white lacing. These laces are only available at Napa Shop!


Space Jam zine by Elina Minn and Jaakko Pallasvuo, numbered edition of 100 published by Cafe Royal Books.


Thick braided hair necklaces by Katri Inkeri, new colors blackest black, salt and pepper grey and creamy white. These are available at Napa Books webshop as well!


Charming letterpress printed Caderno notebooks from Portugal. New theme: cookie dot as well as other themes available also at Napa Books webshop!


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Napa Books at international artist-run art fair in Stockholm


Napa Books can be found at Supermarket – International artist-run art fair in Stockholm this weekend 18-20 February! Search for the MUU Gallery table and there you go.

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Napa’s spring exhibitions 2011

(c) Saija Koponen: Divided Thought, 2010
sekatekniikka kankaalle, 160cm x 130cm
(valokuva Jussi Tiainen)

January / David Graham 5.-29.1.2011

February / Susanna Autio 2.-26.2.2011

March / Iiris-Lilja Kuosmanen 2.-26.3.2011

April / Sanna Vainionpää 30.3.-23.4.

May  / Saija Koponen 27.4.-21.5.

June / Noora Isoeskeli 25.5.-18.6.


We have new opening times in 2011:
Tue-Fri 12-18
Sat 12-16


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Arkkitehtuurikoulu Arkki menestyi flipbook-kilpailussa

Lasten ja nuorten arkkitehtuurikoulu Arkki nappasi kaikki nuorten kilpailun palkintosijat Napa Booksin kolmatta kertaa järjestämässä flipbook-kilpailussa. Kansainväliseen kilpailuun tuli tänä vuonna ennätykselliset 170 teosta 12 eri maasta. Kilpailu oli jaettu kahteen kategoriaan: aikuisten ja nuorten (alle 16v.) kilpailuun.

Edellisvuosina palkinnot ovat menneet ulkomaille, mutta tänä vuonna suomalaiset tekijät valloittivat palkintosijat. Arkkitehtuurikoulu Arkki kahmi kaikki nuorten kilpailussa jaetut palkinnot ja myös aikuisten sarjasta löytyi Arkki-menestyjä: toiselle sijalle teoksellaan I love being darkness yltänyt Jenny Suhonen opettaa Arkissa. Aikuisten sarjan voiton vei Samuli Otto-Henrik Saarinen teoksellaan Hyrsky. Kolmannelle sijalle tuli Tommi Liimatta teoksellaan Kauko kokee ja kunniamaininnan sai Caroline Cosson Belgiasta. Kilpailun voittajatyö julkaistaan ja se tulee myyntiin Napa Gallery & Shopin lisäksi mm. Kiasma-kauppaan sekä useisiin taidekirjakauppoihin ympäri maailman.

”Flipbookin tekeminen oli hauskaa, vaikkakin aika aikaa vievää”, kertoivat kilpailuun osallistuneet Arkin oppilaat. ”Me aloitimme flipbookin tekemisen kokeilemalla, miten pallon saisi liikkeelle. Opettaja muistutti usein, että flipbookissa, pitää yrittää saada jokin asia liikkumaan lähelle ja kauas, ja sivusuunnassa.” Näin teki myös alle 16-vuotiaiden voittajaksi valikoitunut 9-vuotias Emma Uosukainen Kukka-teoksessaan: ”Minun flipbookissani kukka liikkuu lähelle ja kauas ja sen ilmeet muuttuvat.” Emma oli iloinen ja ylpeä voitostaan, kuten myös muut nuorten sarjassa menestyneet arkkilaiset: toisen palkinnon saanut Karri Pitkänen (14v.) ja jaetun kolmannen sijan napanneet Matleena Parviainen (9v.), Kauri Pälsi (9v.) sekä Jaakko Pentinsaari (10v.). ”Flipbookin tekeminen on palkitsevaa ja työn edetessä saa todistaa pienen ihmeen syntymistä. On jännittävää huomata, miten pienillä elementeillä pystyy luomaan liikkeen”, kommentoi oppilaidensa kanssa flipbookin tehnyt Jenny Suhonen. ”Flipbook on alkeellinen tapa tehdä animaatioita, joita ovat tehneet jo lasten isovanhemmat vihkojen reunoihin. On upeaa, kuinka flipbook yhdistää sukupolvia.” Jenny osallistui itse nyt toista kertaa kilpailuun: ”Viime vuonna tein elämäni ensimmäiset flipbookini. Viehätyin siitä taiasta, mikä syntyy kun kuva lähtee liikkeelle. Pidän pimeästä metsästä ja varjoista ja sieltä löysinkin aiheen teokselleni.” Jenny on arkkitehti ja opiskelee maalaustaidetta Vapaassa Taidekoulussa. Arkissa hän opettaa nyt kolmatta vuotta. ”Oppilailleni painotin yksinkertaisuutta. Lupasin, että kärsivällisyys palkitaan kyllä lopussa!”

Arkkitehtuurikoulu Arkki on taidekoulu, jossa työskentely painottuu yleensä kolmiulotteiseen rakentamiseen, mutta erikoisprojekteina tehdään kaikkea flipbookeista kaupunkisuunniteluun. Opetusryhmät 4-vuotiaista 19-vuotiaisiin kokoontuvat Kaapelitehtaalla sekä Vantaalla ja Espoossa, ja mukaan vapaille paikoille pääsevät kaikki halukkaat. Lisätietoja:

Flipbook-kilpailun voittajatyöt ovat nähtävillä Napa Gallery & Shopissa (Eerikinkatu 18) Nene Tsuboin näyttelyn yhteydessä 1. – 21.12.2010. Yleisöllä on ainutlaatuinen tilaisuus plärätä itsensä ainutlaatuisiin seikkailuihin. Kilpailun voittajatyön voi hankkia julkaistuna painoksena itselleen galleriasta tai Napan nettikaupasta 10. joulukuuta lähtien.

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