My Name Is: WeAreFunnyPeople
I am : 4 years old
I live in: Turku, Finland
I work: Often
When I grow up I will be: A little bigger
Things that I like: Music, technology, nature, ideology
Things that I do not like: busy
The exhibition is soundtrack is: Music For Airports, by Brian Eno.

Please specify one of the exhibition works:
One of the works has been made using a the “waffle technique” which is taught in primary school, we used a towel with a string passing through it. The initial plan was to do the work with cross-stitching. All the necessary tools for cross-stitching had already been purchased, but little by little we lost our faith and resorted to a more familiar and faster technique. The end result is really nice, and we have already received a couple of assignments using the same technique.

Can I laugh at the gallery? What kind of art is fun art in WeAreFunnyPeople’s opinion? Laugh. Fun Art sounds like suspicious term, but it is perhaps the best, and often unintentional and honest.

Did Team Hetfield’s image appear like a revelation, or vision to you, or how did you get him into your life?
It has gradually found it’s form, initially, in theory, and finally ready in figure. The first Team Hetfield project is a portrait made out of plywood hanging in the window, and it was on display at the last show. Team Hetfield character’s name is perhaps a bit misleading. It’s a bit like name of a sports team. In fact, it would be a pretty good name for a sports team.

The exhibition displays Hetfield traveling extensively around the world. Is it challenging to try to stay behind him? What kind of relationship is formed between you? We do not really need to move, Team Hetfield manages it for us. Our relationship is a humble and respectful on both sides. It is important to cooperate.

Will we perhaps still hear from Hetfield and the Team?
Certainly, and in unexpected places.

Are some TH-products more popular than others?
Pillows, we have been asked for a lot, but we have not had time to prepare enough of them.

Interview: Verna Kuutti
Translation: Edna Nelson


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