ARTIST INTERVIEW / Toshiyuki Fukuda

Name: Toshiyuki “Kappa” Fukuda




I work in: a studio in Tokyo

Things I like: Walking, feeling playful, vintage shops.

Things I do not like: being idle.

Your paintings have an exciting texture: as if they had been made from recycled paper. What technique you have used to create them?

The works are painted with acrylic paint on canvas, on top of which are distributed paper handkerchiefs. Also on top of the painting, is a surface layer which is a handkerchief. Since the chemical varnishes are awfully strong to me, I varnish the surface with instant coffee, or sometimes even soy sauce. Using this varnish the same new painting begins to give an antique impression. Antique goods are my favorite thing, and one of the largest sources of inspiration.

You have illustrated children’s book plate covers and ads, created textiles and tableware designed and painted unique works. Do you see yourself more as a designer, illustrator or artist?
I consider myself first and foremost as an illustrator who tries to fulfill client requirements and exceed their expectations. I also like to create unique products and I like exhibitions, but through my products I can bring creativity into the lives of ordinary people – and encourage them to create something of their own. Art and design should not only be a hobby for wealthy individuals.

What does it mean to you to have an exhibition in Finland?
I would never have imagined having an exhibition in Finland. Finland and Finnish design is of enormous interest to the Japanese: in this way it is a bit of an idealized country for us. I think it is great to see how design in Finland is a natural part of people’s everyday lives.

Interview: Verna Kuutti
Translation: Edna Nelson


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