Michiko Erkola: 森からの贈り物 ー Lahja Metsästä 3.– 27.8. 2011

“When I stroll through woods, I enjoy to follow the change of sceneries delivered by every season. In the summer, fields turn frequently their faces with pastel colors and different flower of weeds play their roles, one by one, week after week. The tone of colors are intensive and vivid as if they celebrate the growth of life! Mother birds are busy to peck insects for their baby birds. Sometimes I find fledglings wandering around and it is heart-warming to see how their parent birds guide them to survive in the new world.

Autumn arrives without being noticed, quietly. The ground gets filled with ripened berries, and mushrooms hide between colorful leaves.
The sky gets specked by migratory birds leaving for south, leaving the silence behind them. But squirrels become busy running up and down from tree to tree, to prepare for the long coming winter…

When everything was covered by the snow last winter, I found something I didn´t notice before. On the snow, there were orange color barks fallen from pine trees which appeared dramatically against the white back ground. They were beautiful, especially when I held them against to the light. I picked them up each time I walked through the woods, wondering what I could make out of them.

Since then till now, I collected materials that are offered from the woods. On spring I pressed wood anemone and in the early summer Yarrows flowers  – maybe it´s my act of despair to retain the beauty. But at the same time these works are my way to admire and worship the vitality of nature.”

Michiko Erkola tuo Napa Galleriaan lahjan metsästä. Avajaisia juhlitaan ke 3.8.2011 klo 18-20 Dj Ercolan soittamien levyjen tahtiin. Tervetuloa!


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