Two new photography books at Napa!

Ida Pimenoff‘s photographic album A Shadow At The Edge Of Every Moment Of The Day consists of melancholic portraits and landscapes from an ongoing series of the same name. The dusky photographs picture the longing for something that maybe only exists in dreams. The book is published by Kehrer and also contains a short story Birthday Boy by Joel Haahtela.

Tuukka Kaila, also known as Deeli is a Finnish skater and photographer. His newest publication Fleeting is published by Estonian Lugemik. It is a collection of photographs from the past couple of years; captions from everyday events and moments passing by, things that later will become memories. Earlier this fall Tuukka Kaila held an exhibition, also called Fleeting at Galleria Huuto in Helsinki, where he turned the roles of an exhibition and catalogue representing it upside down.

We have a few copies of both books at Napa!


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