Beginning, Bora Bora and End!

In the Beginning it was Humid  is the fourth Nieves publication of Bastien Aubry and Dimitri Broquard. Inspired by outsider art and handcrafts; in recent years they’ve been making ceramic works which are now featured in this artist book. The two work for various art and cultural institutions and their design studio FLAG, among many things, creates drawings and illustrations for both corporate and private projects. Delightful and humorous, I say!

Published by Bongout, Bora Bora is a collection of works by Belgian Laurent Impeduglia. His contemporary paintings with surreal landscapes are narrative, symbolic and always include humor. Supermen saying “Amen”, chimneys with rainbow smoke  – there’s always something you missed at the first glance!

Jaakko Pallasvuo‘s second comic book, Some Approaching End from Landfill Editions is a story about two young adults trying to find a way to be less confused. Beautiful pencil drawings as always – edition of 250!

Laurent Impeduglia’s works, along with Misaki Kawai‘s and Michael Swaney‘s works (to name a few) can be seen in Riihimäki Art Museum’s exhibition Fun! this spring!

Books by all of the artists mentioned above can be found at Napa! Lots of books on SALE as well, so don’t miss this!


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