Tea Party At Napa!

Napa Gallery welcomes everybody over for a Tea Party on Friday, Feb 3, at 12–6PM! We’ll be celebrating the closing party of January’s artist Yasushi Koyama (JPN) as well as the Helsinki World Design Capital 2012 events by Napa. Over a cup of tea you will get to meet  Yasushi and Napa’s girls chatting and answering questions about up-and-coming projects!

Here’s a little taster of the WDC-year projects we’re doing:

Fontwalk/ Spring 2012

The starting point of the walk is the map available from Napa Gallery from 25th April 2012. The reader of the map does not know the finishing point and will be surprised during the route not only by fonts in the city, but interesting details often left unnoticed in our urban environment.

Yellow City/ All year

A series of exhibitions called ‘Yellow City – illustrated stories from Helsinki’ is based on a book with the same title combining illustrations and literature, to be published in early 2012. For the book project, 17 illustrators from Napa Illustrations Agency invited a Finnish author whose text they wanted to illustrate. ‘Yellow City’ is organised by Napa Illustrations Agency.

Bookies / April 2012

Bookies is a seminar on artist and designer-led publishing as a vehicle for artistic expression and mode of distribution of contemporary art today. By exhibitions, talks and discussions by key figures in the field, Bookies will give the audience a comprehensive idea of the current shifts in independent art publishing and its design that are shaping the ways we experience contemporary art. Napa Gallery will present exhibitions by Nieves (CH) and Scrollster (UK/CAN).

You can find more information on our WDC2012 projects here! See you next Friday!


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