Nieves Zine Library & Scrollster 3.–28.4.2012

Nieves Zine Library (CH)

The exhibition features a full retrospective of Nieves’ zine program since 2004. Nieves was founded by Benjamin Sommerhalder in 2001 with the aim of creating an affordable and quickly made product that could be published on a regular basis. Artists chosen as guest editors all have in common a hand-made approach to their work in photography, illustration or graphics and over a hundred artists have contributed to making up the Nieves collection. Three publications come out each month and the 150 copies quickly become collectibles. The exhibition will feature 140 zines, making them available for reading.

Scrollster (CAN/UK)

Scrollster is an ongoing project between Michael Swaney and Stephen Smith exploring the potential of collaborative art practice and different compositional strategies. Thus, the work process itself is of major importance; the remixing, combining, reassembling and moulding of basic aesthetic elements and materials. The collaborative input, with its deviations and its emphasis on concepts of chance and transience, is always present in the final piece. The flow of patterns, the navigating, the scrolling through and rearranging of cultural ideas and objects that inflict on us in the everyday life, result in the creation of a new aesthetic that allows each artist to forget his own practice and push new experimental forms. (Text by Maike Moncayo)

Please join us for a toast with Michael Swaney and Stephen Smith on Friday 13.4. at 6 – 8pm! Launch of Swaney’s new zine on Nieves and two new Napa books by Jenni Rope and Joost Stokhof.

Both exhibitions are part of Bookies (, part of the official program of WDC Helsinki 2012.


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