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Beginning, Bora Bora and End!

In the Beginning it was Humid  is the fourth Nieves publication of Bastien Aubry and Dimitri Broquard. Inspired by outsider art and handcrafts; in recent years they’ve been making ceramic works which are now featured in this artist book. The two work for various art and cultural institutions and their design studio FLAG, among many things, creates drawings and illustrations for both corporate and private projects. Delightful and humorous, I say!

Published by Bongout, Bora Bora is a collection of works by Belgian Laurent Impeduglia. His contemporary paintings with surreal landscapes are narrative, symbolic and always include humor. Supermen saying “Amen”, chimneys with rainbow smoke  – there’s always something you missed at the first glance!

Jaakko Pallasvuo‘s second comic book, Some Approaching End from Landfill Editions is a story about two young adults trying to find a way to be less confused. Beautiful pencil drawings as always – edition of 250!

Laurent Impeduglia’s works, along with Misaki Kawai‘s and Michael Swaney‘s works (to name a few) can be seen in Riihimäki Art Museum’s exhibition Fun! this spring!

Books by all of the artists mentioned above can be found at Napa! Lots of books on SALE as well, so don’t miss this!


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In Vicinity at Napa!

We received some copies of Paul Kuimet‘s (EST) In Vicinity, published by Lugemik! The book is a compilation of Kuimet’s photographic series of the same name, documenting the development of  new suburban areas around Tallinn, from former kolkhoz farming lands to residential areas.  These observations of landscape and space mirror the changes of ideals and dreams of Estonian society. As a foreword, Mari Laanemets has written an interesting essay Homes For Estonia to accompany Kuimet’s quiet, even melancholic, approach to the subject. Numbered edition of 300!

Photos by Anu Vahtra.

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A few picks for December!

Napa Christmas Shop is full of new books and other things. Here’s a few picks from the selection!

Brand new pocket size (A6) sketch books with cover illustrations by Jenni Rope, Nene Tsuboi and Matti Pikkujämsä!

Beautiful picture books by Bernardo Carvalho from Portuguese Planeta Tangerina are eye candy for both kids and grown ups.

Childrens books by Harriet Russell and Bruno Munari from Italian Corraini and  Nuno Neves’ trilingual illustrated book about Finland from Portuguese Serrote.

Kaisa Riivari‘s pendants from recycled wood and Elina Järvinen‘s crocheted PomPom necklaces and more jewelry by young Finnish designers.

New art, design and architecture books from the wonderful Gestalten!

All of these and many more can now be found at Napa Christmas Shop and some of them will soon be available in Napa’s webshop as well! Stop by at Eerikinkatu 18, if you’re in luck we might just have made a pot full of hot glögg!

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Fine things by Mina Fina!

Mina Fina (Mina Zabnikar) is a Slovenian artist who among other things makes beautifully illustrated booklets. Pen as her main tool of choice she draws delicate portraits adding sometimes text to accompany the sorrowful, poetic tone of the drawings. We received three of her booklets to Napa!

Modern Solitude (2011) is and exhibition booklet of her exhibition It’s Okay For Now / For This Time which folds out to a poster.


This Is The End (2010) is a publication accompanying an exhibition of hers as well. It is published by Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Edition of 300, the covers of this one also fold out to a poster!


Enoletnica/YearBook (2009) is an experimental comic book / multimedia project made in collaboration with Saša Kerkoš. With 12 months of stories surrounding everyday themes the website works as a background layer to the book, with writings and links to the sources of inspiration. Published by Stripburger.

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Two new photography books at Napa!

Ida Pimenoff‘s photographic album A Shadow At The Edge Of Every Moment Of The Day consists of melancholic portraits and landscapes from an ongoing series of the same name. The dusky photographs picture the longing for something that maybe only exists in dreams. The book is published by Kehrer and also contains a short story Birthday Boy by Joel Haahtela.

Tuukka Kaila, also known as Deeli is a Finnish skater and photographer. His newest publication Fleeting is published by Estonian Lugemik. It is a collection of photographs from the past couple of years; captions from everyday events and moments passing by, things that later will become memories. Earlier this fall Tuukka Kaila held an exhibition, also called Fleeting at Galleria Huuto in Helsinki, where he turned the roles of an exhibition and catalogue representing it upside down.

We have a few copies of both books at Napa!

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Finland Apartments!

The second book about beautiful Finnish homes from Japanese publisher Paumes is out! Finland Apartments takes you on a tour to 16 inspiring homes of artists and creative minds such as Sasha Huber & Petri Saarikko, Hella Hernberg and Ilona Hyötyläinen & Teemu Hämäläinen, among others. Lovely photographs of equally lovely apartments!

This gem can be found at Napa Gallery & Shop on Eerikinkatu as well as at Napa Books!

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New zines by A Stop and MOMO at Napa Shop!

There’s Room is a zine by A Stop featuring photographs by 17 artists. Beautiful and calm observations from ordinary surroundings wrapped in candy stripe paperbags, this zine is a limited edition of 75!


Momo Maker Models by the artist MOMO is a zine with black and white images of 3-D form installations. They are a continuum of the 2-D shapes created with the computer script MOMO Maker. Numbered edition of 200! We have a few copies of both zines in Napa Shop on Eerikinkatu 18. Stop by!

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