WDC Helsinki

Napa takes part in the program of World Design Capital Helsinki in 2012!
Here’s a little introduction on our three projects:


FONT WALK / Spring 2012

FONT WALK MAPS ARE OUT OF PRINT! Thank you to everyone who took part in our urban treasure hunt! Hopefully many of you continue to spot interesting typography and other details in the cityscape throughout the summer, and beyond!

Cities are full of visual stories. Signs and symbols, letters and numbers – their main purpose is functional, to give information. What if we looked at them from another angle: as something that, in addition to being informative, can be aesthetically pleasing or tell an interesting story?

Fontwalk is an independently taken stroll up and down the streets of Kamppi, pointing out details and exploring the visual role of graphic design in the streetscape. The route takes approximately 45 minutes to walk and is based on a map distributed free of charge at Napa Gallery. Thirty-one destinations illustrate the past and present of typography and graphic design, and also offer a glimpse of the micro history of the area.

The map is designed by graphic designer Camilla Pentti together with Napa and will be available at Napa Gallery from April 26, until the edition runs out.

The series of exhibitions entitled ‘Yellow City – illustrated stories from Helsinki’ is based on the book with the same title combining illustrations and literature, to be published in early 2012.  The exhibition portrays the nature of illustration as utilitarian art: how an illustration is created to order. For the book project, 17 illustrators from Napa Illustrations Agency invited a Finnish author whose text they wanted to illustrate. In the series of exhibitions around the city throughout the year,  there will be artist interviews, workshops and other additional events. ‘Yellow City’ is organised by Napa Illustrations Agency.



(Contact: Napa Illustrations Agency / Marjo Granlund, marjo(at)napaillustrations.com)


BOOKIES / 3. – 28. 4. 2012



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